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Dentures Dentists Find Prosthodontist Denture Clinics and Dentists offering economical prosthodontic denture partials cosmetic and good bite teeth replacement pain free bite occlusion correction jaw alignment and repairing loose dentures broken painful cracked plates relining adjustment young adult seniors best fit false teeth repair Zest Locators Imtec Sterngold Hader Bar Intra-Lock implants for best rock solid stable comfort
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Denture Wearers Poll

Are you a current denture wearer?
No, but I plan to
What is your age bracket?
Under 20
20 to 30
30 to 40
40 to 50
50 to 60
60 to 70
Over 70
Reason for considering dentures
Replacements for what I have now
Trying to determine if I need dentures
My reasons for planning to wear dentures:
To relieve misery of never ending problems
Easy to care for
Want to avoid extensive surgery
Seems to be a good solution
Want to avoid high cost of implants
Want a fast solution
My friends have recommended them
It seems to be the only solution
It seems to be the best solution
Are you satisfied with your current dentures
Only a little
Reasons for not being satisfied with current dentures
Loose fit
Always breaking
Can't eat what I want
Have difficulty speaking well
Odor problems
Just don't feel comfortable
Have you considered denture implants
Never heard of them
Yes, but need more information
Don't know where to get them

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