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Bone grafting products procedures surgeries can be used to rehabilitate jawbone to enable patients to have implant placements individual tooth replacement better bone for denture use and for replacing lost bone and tissue due to severe gum disease periodotitis
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Creating Best Denture Fit: Bone Leveling

WARNING - This video clip is extremely GRAPHIC

This video provides a visual outline of the steps that are typically necessary for creating a rock solid denture that fits, feels and functions well.

Too many patients experience loose, ill fitting, painful dentures, even at the outset of treatment.

Many denture clinics and overly competitive denture practices will eliminate procedures that are not required for the average patient. Unfortunately... too many denture patients are NOT the average denture patient and need additional treatments for creating the optimal fountation for removable prosthetic teeth.

All of the procedures and treatments for this patient were provided in one appointment. Bone graft products and technologies for modifying existing bone structures after extractions were avaiable to assure timely applicaton of additional treatments, as needed.

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