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Example of how modern catscan diagnostics helps with assessing the quality and quantity of bone material for patients with fully edentulated jaws best technology choice for treatment planning bone replacement strategies surgeries with different types of bone graft products and resources
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Video: Jawbone Assessment Catscan Technology

Cone Beam Catscan Scanning has quickly surpassed old fashioned dental xrays and provides 3 dimensional detail not possible with Panoramic Xrays.

Specialized scanner software enables doctors and patients to see and distinguish intricate details about tissue density and tissue health. Determining the need and placement of bone and tissue grafts becomes immediately apparent. Locating and avoiding critical facial nerves is now possible with great accuracy. Three dimensional views allow the doctor and patient to see and comprehend which implant devices are best suited for each implant site.

The diagnostic capabilities of Cone Beam scans now enable doctors and their patients levels and complexities of treatment that were not possible with yesterday's dental xrays. Material provided through Dr. Paul Sussman, Rochester, New York

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