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Dentures can be created to provide good dental function with attractive cosmetic outcomes Learn about the techniques and treatments required to guard against poor fitting painful loose dentures that look like real teeth and provide a true makeover experience in denture dentistry
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Video: Multiple Dentures to Implant Supported Bridge

Custom dentures can be the perfect treatment for overcoming tooth and tissue losses due to periodontitis (advanced gum disease) for many patients.

A patient describes the experiences she had in the past with dentures. As she became accustomed to being a denture wearer.... she continued to upgrade her treatments, striving to get the best possible tooth replacements available.

Over a period of time, her treatment choices were upgraded to include the use of a custom all porcelain fixed bridge attached to non surgical dental implants. Listen to how she compares her dental implants and bridge with her previous dentures... and even her original teeth, before she had gum disease.

Produced by Dr. Corinne Scalzitti of Austin TX

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