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Dentures can be created to provide good dental function with attractive cosmetic outcomes Learn about the techniques and treatments required to guard against poor fitting painful loose dentures How to find the best treatment or procedures needed for the best tooth replacement option
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  • Most Overlooked Cause of Bad Dentures: Bone Leveling: Comprehensive bone assessment and leveling immediately after extractions is probably a service that many denture patients don't learn about until AFTER being fitted with bad dentures. Prosthodontic grade dentures, however, provide the service routinely. Learn why it is important.

  • Denture relining: Serves the need to periodically replace the hard and soft tissues that were lost as a result of dentures eroding more bone due to movement and friction of the denture. Dentures that loosen over time are typically due to 2 problems. First, more >>>

  • Cantilevered Bridgework: Newest Denture Alternative Thanks to new developments in post graduate training curriculums, hybrid cantilevered implants and specialized fixed bridge infrastructures has enabled new and old denture wearers to finally get rid of a tooth replacement procedure that creates great looking non removeable porcelain or acrylic teeth that requires only a minimum of bone. For many patients, more >>>

  • Hollywood Smiles with Dentures?: Affordable Alternative to Expensive Bridgework Prosthodontic grades of denture prosthetics complete with custom teeth and specialized Turbyfill cosmetics, in the hands of a skilled dentist or prosthodontist, can create new celebrity style Hollywood good looks that look and feel like the teeth we were born with. Options for anchoring have now made these denture treatments a popular choice for denture wearers looking for something better that won't break the bank.

  • Denture Hygiene Popular cleaning and whitening products are featured to provide consumers with the information they need to seek out a variety of products, compounds, cleaning agents and devices for achieving the maintenance goals that can increase or maximize servicability. All products more >>>

  • Nobel Biocare All On Four: A treatment alternative for getting rid of or avoiding the use of dentures altogether is becoming popular nationwide. The Nobel Biocare All on 4 product line has a CAD/CAM designed titanium framework that is designed to be fastened to upper and/or lower jaws with four or more implants that provide function and cosmetics that rival the best fixed bridge products on the market. Read more...

  • Replacing Missing Teeth: Procedures and treatment choices for the replacement of teeth are quite numerous. The conditions causing the loss of teeth or the need to remove teeth play a determing role in what treatment is best. A dentist's access to technologies can also be a factor in what a patient is able to choose. Learn more....

  • Comfortable Dentures: Do They Exist?: Yes. Good fitting dentures fit well for a reason and bad fitting dentures fit poorly for a reason. Most dentists who have truly mastered denture dentistry know that teeth need to be set for ideal esthetics, phonetics (speech), and function. Denture occlusion is more >>>

  • Bone Loss Syndrome: Its no secret that dentures cause bone loss. Long term denture wearers run the risk of losing significant amounts of jawbone height and density, in both the upper (maxilla) and lower (mandible) jaws. The lower jaw usually takes the brunt of the common physical forces of biting, more >>>

  • Immediate Dentures: are a popular treatment choice for many people. In many instances the entire procedure can be completed in one day. Since each patient's healing period and ability to accomodate an immediate denture varies, the feeling of being "comfortable" will be different for more >>>

  • Repairing Broken Dentures: There is a right way for fixing dentures that have cracked, broken or lost a tooth and there is a way that should be avoided. It is the unhealthy way that most people seem to think of. Read more about the best way for fixing dentures and partials.

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