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Denture partials can be the best choice for tooth replacement needs that are perfect for treating an upper or lower jaw that has not been fully edentulated. Standard partials with the metal clasp Valplast and Cusil represent the largest group of custom prosthetic partials Learn more to make the best choice
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Partial dentures (RPD - removable partial denture) can represent the ideal of best treatment option for patients who have missing tooth structures and don't need or require traditional dentures.

Traditional Metal Based

Unfortunately, many patients assume that the well known metal based partial is the only treatment option (outside of implants or bridge) that is affordably effect for multiple replacements of teeth.

Metal based RPD's require an efficient design and implementation of a rigid prosthesis that becomes integrated (attached) into an environment that is not rigid (gingiva, soft tissues). Contrary to popular thought.... a partial does not necessarily have to be rigid in order to be effective and functional.

One of the most common complaints about wearing standard denture partials centers on the unsightly, bright and shiny clasp devices for affixing the partial to surrounding tooth structures. Preparation of adjacent teeth is sometimes performed to make the attachment devices less visible.

Valplast Flexible Partials

The Valplast product line is perhaps one of the most popular treatment alternatives to traditional metal partials.

Proprietary design and fabrication elements of the Valplast Partial promotes improved adaptation and fitting of the restorative prosthesis to remaining tooth structures and soft tissues.

Patients typically report this type of partial is comfortable, flexible and lightweight (compared to metallic partials). Aesthetically, there is no concern of having unattractive metal attachment devices showing when they smile.

Flexible synthetics and custom design or the partial assure a snug and comfortable fit that eliminates the need for external clasps. Valplast products can be the ideal choice for patients seeking metal-free restorative solutions.

Patients prone to sensitivity or allergic reactions may want to research the suitability of this treatment. As with many popular treatments in dentistry, allergic symptoms can occur for restorative components that contain mercury, nickel, titanium and certain types of synthetic properties commonly found in denture partials.

Cu-Sil Overdenture

The Cu Sil product line is designed to provide treatment alternatives for patients who are not totally edentulous. The overdenture product rests on the soft tissues while providing a snug fit over existing, healthy tooth structures. An elastomeric gasket seals itself around the lower-most portion of each tooth, thereby providing a stable and healthy fit.

The ability to retain as many teeth as possible (as opposed to common recommendations of total extractions) promotes healthy stimulation for maintaining alveolar bone around root structures of the remaining teeth.

Retention, compared to ordinary denture treatment, is improved. Attachment devices are avoided entirely. Vertical dimension (bite height) is maintained by the retained, existing tooth structures.

Best Treatment Choice

Patients who are candidates for or are considering full arch tooth extractions should consult with their dentist to discuss treatment alternatives.

Oral health histories and projected health conditions should be evaluated to determine the best benefits in function and overall aesthetics. Some dental conditions may change over time and could cause failure or retreatment if these factors are not discussed in full with your dentist prior to treatment.

The best decision is an informed decision.

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