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Say NO to dentures when the opportunity presents itself See how mandibular anterior bone can be saved rebuilt augmented with bone grafts for implants to support a custom cantilevered bridge Upper Denture replaces teeth lost to gum disease Lower bone saved with bridge
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Video: False Teeth Alternative

Periodontitis left untreated for too long will eventually destroy all of the important elements for normal jaw function, the ability to eat normally or eat favorite foods due to significant if not total loss of teeth, bone and connective tissue.

Although full mouth extractions and tooth replacements via dentures are the ususal expectation of many patients, and even dentists, it is often NOT the only choice.

See how the creative combination of bone graft surgery, hybrid dental implants and customized cantilevered bridgework is used with this patient to save, preserve and rebuild anterior mandibular bone.

Although the upper jaw teeth required denture replacement (maxillary bone often deterioriates more rapidly than mandibular bone), the patient had the option of Saying NO to a lower denture.

Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy MI

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