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Example of how an Immediate Function Bridge In A Day can be used to replace dentures as a treatment for toothless upper or lower jaws. Learn about the techniques and treatments available to overcome the need for dentures A premium alternative choice for patients with sufficent implant bone available
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Video: Immediate Function (One Day) Fixed Bridge

Cemented bridgework is a popular tooth replacement option to treat the loss of a single tooth or even multiple teeth. Bacteria and decay however cause significant failure rates. Facing total edentulation of the upper jaw, this female patient, wishing to avoid dentures, chose a fixed bridge as her treatment of choice, using immediate function implants.

Watch this VERY GRAPHIC 7+ minute video showing the removal of the failed bridge followed up with multiple extractions, tissue grafting and implant placements.... all completed in one treatment session. Sedation support services were provided to assure patient comfort throughout the treatment.

Video sequences provided by Ira Koeppel, DDS and Edward Brant, DDS, MS, Long Island (East Setauket), NY

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