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Dentures can be created to provide good dental function with attractive cosmetic outcomes Learn about the techniques and treatments required to guard against poor fitting painful loose dentures that look like real teeth and provide a true makeover experience in denture dentistry
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  • Palateless Upper Denture Modification
    More and more denture patients, both new denture wearers and current denture patients are getting implant supported upper dentures that enables the removal of the bulky plastic that covers the roof of the mouth. Gag problems disappear and quality of life issues virtually skyrocket. Most patients can resume eating favorite foods they couldn't eat with dentures. Apples, nuts, carrots and even steaks are easy to eat. See how a palateless denture is created while the patient is in the office. Click here to watch a visual outline of the procedure.

  • Atlas One Hour Implants for Current Lower Denture
    Atlas Narrow Body Impant Many patients who have problems with poor fitting, loose dentures are unable to have traditional implant placements due to jawbone characteristcs, cost or the inability to withstand traditional flap surgery. The Atlas implant system enables patients to reuse their existing denture with a treatment protocol and procedure that is typically completed in an hour. Click here to watch a visual outline of the procedure. Video footage produced by Henry Schein Dental.

  • Advanced Oral Cancer Screening
    Cancer Screening for Denture Wearers The VELscope Laser is becoming a popular technology (becoming approved by more and more insurance companies) that enables dentists, surgeons and periodontists to literally visualize oral lesions that may be a cancerous risk. Patients with open sores or lesions that don't seem to heal quickly can be evaluated within a matter of just minutes. Safe, efficient and extremely accurate, more and more dentists are providing this new diagnostic service. Click here to watch a live demonstration of an oral cancer screening. Video footage provided by Dr. James Sanderson of Birmingham, AL.

  • Bone Leveling: The Foundation for Best Denture Fit
    Perfect Denture Fit Dentures can be designed, fabricated and adjusted to fit, feel, look like and function as well as normal teeth. One of the most overlooked procedures in routine treatments for new denture wearers is proper preparation of the jawbone or bony ridge of the upper and lower jaw. See how this extra attention to detail makes sense for having a great denture product. Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy MI

  • Extractions and Socket Grafting
    Grafting Extraction Implant Sites Live Surgery involving mutliple extractions, creation of a Perio Flap to expose the bone ridge and suturing is displayed. A daring film clip designed to create a visual outline of the surgical sequences followed in a typical extraction and bone grafting treatment.

  • Say NO to Dentures at Every Opportunity
    Stop Prevent Dentures Too often (especially in gum disease treatments) dentures are often considered to be the only sensible treatment when tooth and bone loss is significant. Advancements in bone grafting, hybrid implant design and titanium bridge milling can be used creatively for some patients to build upon remaining bone, overcoming the assumed automatic requirement of total edentulation. Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy MI

  • All On 4 - Teeth In An Hour
    A short demonstration of an actual Teeth-in-an-Hour implant surgery. Watch how 4 dental implants are placed in the lower jaw using the advanced technologies of implant surgery templates for achieving precision accuracy of placement. Multimedia clip provided by Dr. James Sanderson, Birmingham Alabama.

  • Cosmetic Denture + Fixed Bridge Replaces Old Denture and Partial
    Attractice Cosmetic Hollywood Teeth Denture and partial replacements are needed from time to time. Waiting too long however can cause jaw bone mass (quality and quantity) to melt away which can prevent, for some patients, the inability to replace teeth easily. See how lower jawbone, almost totally lost due to a poor fitting partial, was rebuilt to create 12 new teeth from 3 remaining natural teeth. Designer denture products and porcelain bridge cosmetics recreate a powerful bite and good looks the patient had not had in several years. Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy MI

  • Periodontitis Full Mouth Reconstruction Case #2
    Gum Disease Cure Another example of how an upper arch with significant bone loss can be augmented with popular graft products and procedures to create a tight fitting upper denture.

    The lower jaw had sufficient bone to create a cantilevered hybrid implant supported fixed porcelain bridge product providing the full complement of 12 new porcelain teeth. Normalized occlusion and bite was recreated with a functionally matched upper denture.

    Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan MI

  • 3D Diagnostics for treating deficient bone tissue conditions.
    Cone Beam Bone Scanning Reconstructive dental practices that have invested in advanced Cone Beam Catscan and specialized analysis software are able to conduct tissue assessments almost error free. The common experience of not discovering the need for bone grafting until surgery is underway is a thing of the past.

  • Easy X-TRAC System: Animation Video Extraction Technology - Preventing Extraction Related Bone Loss
    Extracting Teeth An animated demonstration of the Easy X-TRAC System that now provides dentists and dental specialists the ability to extract teeth with no bone loss, no tilting or twisting movements and, subsequently, no post-traumatic swelling. Additional benefits may include the the avoidance of needed bone restoration (grafting) and healing time of soft tissue. The technology enables many patients to receive immediate implantation after extractions (see other videos). Animation footage created by A-Titan Instruments. Media

  • Immediate Load Implant after Easy X-TRAC Protocol
    Immediate Implant after Extraction The Easy X-TRAC protocol oftentimes produces a clean tooth extraction socket that can be prepared for an immediate load implant. Periodontal tissue damage and bone loss is minimal or non existant. See how a specific implant device is selected to create the best treatment outcome based on tissue characteristics after extraction.

  • Making a Palateless Denture: Start to Finish
    No Palate Dentures Acrylic denture products are often used as a provisional prosthetic when undergoing treatments for implant supported fixed bridgework. See how a common acrylic immediate denture is modified, by hand, into a palateless denture for an upper arch tooth replacement treatment. Video sequences provided by Ira Koeppel, DDS, Long Island (East Setauket), NY

  • Live Surgery: 6 Imtec Mini Implant Placements in Upper (Maxillary) Jaw
    Imtec MDI Mini Implant Upper Jaw Surgery The presentation provides a sequenced demonstration of Mini Implant placements with the Imtec product line. A total of 6 implants are placed in the upper jaw, intended for upper denture anchoring. Edited for time and graphics, the entire treatment was provided in one, non-stop treatment session. Provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

  • Surgery: 12 Imtec Placements Both Upper - Lower Jaws
    12 Mini Implant Upper Lower Jaw Surgery A female patient seeking replacements for dentures that are attractive and don't "feel" like dentures elects to undergo one day teeth replacement with mini implants in upper and lower jaws. All placed in a single treatment session, the Imtec implant devices (6 upper and 6 lower) provide rock hard stability for her dentures. No more sloppy fitting and painful dentures. Placement procedures are efficient, straight forward and require no invasive surgeries nor bone grafting Provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

  • Snap In Dentures - Uppers and Lowers: They just "Pop!"
    Imtec Snap In Denture This "snappy" presentation shows a live interview with a patient who was fitted with Imtec MDI mini implants on the upper and lower jaw (maxilla and mandible) and demonstrates how he places and removes his new dentures. A man of few words, the patient briefly describes the "feeling" of using Snap In Dentures.Provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Testimonial: Imtec Supported Dentures
    Listen to a light hearted, whimsical and entertaining description of an Irish patient who claims that next to marriage and having children, having good sound teeth run a close second. As all denture wearers know that dentures can affect speech sounds... this patient sometimes thinks her now rock solid teeth improved her Irish Brogue. Produced by Dr. Corinne Scalzitti of Austin TX

  • Testimonial: Dentures to Mini's to Traditional Implant Bridge
    A patient describes the experiences she had in the past with dentures. As she became accustomed to being a denture wearer.... she continued to upgrade her treatments, striving to get the best possible tooth replacements available. Over a period of time, her treatment choices were upgraded to include the use of a custom all porcelain fixed bridge attached to non surgical dental implants. Listen to how she compares her dental implants and bridge with her previous dentures... and even her original teeth, before she had gum disease. Produced by Dr. Corinne Scalzitti of Austin TX

  • Testimonial: Denture Implant Modification
    A patient with 2 lower jaw implants and a custom overbar that accommodate her denture gave her years and years of problems. See and hear how the patient describes her treatment and outcome experiences associated with removing the overbar hardware and placing two additional implants, thereby allowing direct mounting of the denture prosthetic. Dental function that had been lost for decades was effectively recreated for her, enabling her to eat literally anything she wanted with confidence. Produced by Dr. Corinne Scalzitti of Austin TX

  • Imtec Mini Dental Implants
    Mini Dental Implants Imtec Demonstration video that provides a visual and narrated outline of the popular Imtec Mini Dental Implant products and procedures for placing their proprietary mini implants. Animations and live surgery examples included. Video footage created by Imtec Dental Implants. Multimedia clip provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • FDA Report - Allergic Reactions to Denture Cleansers
    Denture Allergic Reaction The Food and Drug Administration issues warnings about potential allergic reactions and other reactions to the use of several popular denture cleaning products. Symptoms including gum tenderness, rash, urticaria, respiratory distress and hypotension. The symptoms can be caused by misuse of the product (some patients reportedly using denture cleaners as a mouthwash) or by a known allergen contained within the formulation of different denture cleaners, an allergen known as persulfate.

Alternatives for Dentures

  • Implant Supported Full Arch Reconstruction: Bridge In A Day
    Fixed bridge implant surgery Implant supported bridgework is the procedure of choice when the desire is to avoid denture treatment. Watch a VERY GRAPHIC 7+ minute video showing the removal of a failed cemented bridge caused by decay and destruction of anchor teeth. All tissue replacement grafting procedures and placement of immediate function implants enabled the patient to have her entire entire upper arch reconstructed in one treatment session. Sedation support services were provided to assure patient comfort throughout the treatment. Video sequences provided by Ira Koeppel, DDS, Long Island (East Setauket), NY

  • The Marius Bridge: Edentulous Treatment Animation
    Animated Edentulous Surgery Procedure Animated film clip demonstrating the procedural sequence for The Marius Bridge tooth replacement prosthesis for an edentulous maxilla, developed by Yvan Fortin DMD of Quebec Canada. See clip below for real life example of successful treatment for a female patient.

  • The Marius Bridge: Treatment Example for Edentulous Maxilla
    Edentulous Jaw Reconstruction Actual treatment example using The Marius Bridge. Specially created for upper edentulous jaw reconstruction by Yvan Fortin DMD of Quebec Canada, this denture treatment alternative utilizes proprietary technology for creating tooth replacement choices that offer the rock solid stability of an implant supported prosthesis while enabling patients to remove the prosthesis for routine cleaning or entire replacement.

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